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Thursday, March 1, 2012


It is with great sadness that we report that Inca, our five year old Abyssinian Guinea Pig has succumbed to the ravages of pituitary disease.

It was noted by his caretakers that he was “not acting right” and that he was losing weight.  Our vet immediately prescribed a course of antibiotics and other supportive therapies.  However, nothing helped and even though he continued to eat he also continued to lose weight.  Even though it was a difficult decision for all involved but we felt that the only fair answer for Inca was humane euthanasia, rather than let him suffer the effects of starvation.

As with many small mammals it is often difficult, if not impossible to pinpoint the cause of an ailment when symptoms are non-specific.  It's almost impossible to diagnose these types of ailments short of an autopsy (called a necropsy in animals). 
Inca will be sorely missed by staff and volunteers, as well as the general public (especially the children).  Inca was one of the few animals at WBS that could be touched by our guests, and as such he met thousands of children in his lifetime as part of our outreach programs for the younger set.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adopt A Pig - Inca


Inca is a parti-colored Abyssinian guinea pig.  He was whelped in 2007 and came to us as a very young pup.  He has become a real favorite with staff and visitors alike--especially the little ones.

Inca spends most of his days greeting visitors to our Nature Center.  When he is not in his enclosure it's a safe bet to assume that he's traveling with our Education Department staff to one of the many schools, preschools, or other children's groups that he visits each year as part of our Fur, Feather & Scales, or Care For Critters programs.

Inca is a very important part of our education team.  He gives the children the opportunity to touch one of our animals, and helps us to explain the differences between mammals, birds, and reptiles.  He also helps us to explain to the children which animals make good pets and why some others don't.

To adopt Inca, simply click our DONATION button, make a donation of $50, and specify in your payment notes: Adopt-A-Pig: Inca.  Also, be sure you include your name, phone number, and mailing address so that we can send your adoption materials!

Every donation helps to feed, house, and provide medical care for the animal of your choice!  Adopt A Pig parents receive:

* A personal visit with the animal you adopt!!  Call 636-861-3225 to set up a time for your personal visit.
* Certificate of Adoption
* Color photo of the animal you have adopted
* Sponsorship card
* One year's subscription to Mews News (our quarterly newsletter)
* Life History and Natural History of the animal
* 10% discount off WBS merchandise
* Invitations to special Sponsors Only events like Camera Day
* Discounts on WBS special events
* WBS decal

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some Pig!!

Meet Inca--our resident guinea pig!!

What does a guinea pig have to do with birds, you may ask??

That's a really good question, and at first glance there may seem to be no relationship whatsoever.  However, have you ever watched a small child's reaction to something new -- animals in particular?  Their first instinct is to reach out and touch it!  Since our birds are not touchable, having a small pettable animal in the programs appropriate for the 3-13 age group allows them to be able to satisfy the urge to "touch".  

Inca is a very important part of our Fur, Feathers and Scales and our Care For Critters programs.  He helps us to explain to the children what makes birds, reptiles, and mammals different from each other.  It also allows us to explain to them why some animals make good pets and others do not, and emphasizes that if you choose an animal for a pet there are certain responsibilities that go along with that choice.

For more information about our educational programs and how you can have them presented for your group, go to our homepage by clicking on the link on the right side of the screen.