Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome home!

Between April and September, things are relatively quiet at the Sanctuary's Education Training Center. Many of our favorite birds and people spend these months in different parts of the country, educating and entertaining people at our summer programs. This year we had programs at the Milwaukee County Zoo and the Stone Zoo in Boston, and the response was wonderful! Still, it is a little bit lonely here without them and I can't wait for September to bring our friends back home.

Can you guess who I saw on Friday when I walked into the ETC?

Little Guy! Little Guy! Little Guy!

Little Guy (who's really a girl) the white-naped raven is home from Milwaukee. We've missed her! I was also thrilled to see...

Rojo the turaco!!!! (I gave him some grapes to say welcome back.)

And then I stopped in to ask Einstein the pied crow how the summer went. She was full of news:

Welcome home Liz and Lindsay! And Astar and Lee and Nemo! Welcome home all you birds and humans! And thanks for all your hard work this summer.


DanielC15 said...

Just to get specific, Rojo is a Red-crested Turaco :).

Anonymous said...

Rojo is a beautiful bird, i have never seen anything like her!!