Friday, November 14, 2008

The beak is back!

Beak Of The Week took a brief sabbatical last week, but here we are for another thrilling installment! That spooky Halloween beak was an owl, as Steve guessed, and a barred owl to be specific. Thanks for guessing Steve and great job!

This week's beak always makes me smile and seems to smile back. Some of you may recognize this little charmer from your own home:

The look of love:

These feet will walk a thousand miles for a sunflower seed or a peanut. Preferably both:

Good luck guessing this extra cute beak!


Anonymous said...

Is it a budgie??

Lindsay in Indiana

PS: It looks like a very cute beak!!!

Anonymous said...

I will guess a Cockatiel...Victoria in Colorado

Sue said...

Aw, a dear little 'tiel. :)