Tuesday, December 20, 2011


On Thursday, December 15, our beloved Bantam Cochin Chicken, Dumpling, passed away due to the natural processes of old age.  Dumpling was approaching 17 years.

Most chickens have an average lifespan of 6-10 years—occasionally living into their teens if they are well fed and well cared for.  Dumpling certainly had those advantages as an official greeter and goodwill ambassador for the World Bird Sanctuary.

Dumpling was one of our most beloved residents.  For many years she was a fixture in our Visitor Information Center (VIC).  Most of the time she freely roamed the VIC, greeting and entertaining guests as they entered.   In particular, she was extremely patient with our small visitors—allowing them to stroke her soft feathers, and in many cases experience their first contact with a live bird. 

Dumpling became so popular that she had her own following among our guests—many of whom made the VIC their first stop at the World Bird Sanctuary specifically to see her.

In recent months it had become increasingly obvious that old age was catching up with Dumpling.  She was not able to move as quickly as in the past and her eyesight was failing her.  This put her at risk for accidental collisions with guests while roaming through the VIC.  Therefore, in May of 2011 she was retired to safer quarters in our “behind the scenes” area. 

Dumpling will be sorely missed by staff and visitors alike.  

Submitted by Gay Schroer, World Bird Sanctuary Volunteer/Photographer


Monteen said...

RIP Dumpling...m. www.hawktalk.org

Katie said...

So sorry to hear of Dumpling's passing. Those bantys are so cute and personable! She's playing with Gilly & Syliva now.....the two I had the pleasure of traning. And all the others since. What a pretty hen she was!

Katie said...

Sweet Ginger, pecking for her favorite things in the grass with the likes of Gilly (first chicken ever used in programs), Syliva and others. She was a very pretty hen!!

Gretchen said...

RIP Dumpling, you were a very sweet chicken!

Joshmandood said...

I found dumpling on YouTube last year and fell in love with her, since then me and my girlfriend have spoke about her almost everyday. I decided to check out how she was since I remember reading she was an old girl and I found this which is truly saddening. I'm glad she lived a long and no doubt happy life and I support the WBS and all the amazing work you do, thanks for brightening our lives. RIP dumpling you beautiful animal.