Saturday, January 21, 2012

Truck Donated by Ameren

World Bird Sanctuary (WBS) has a new resource to help in its field research – a half-ton pickup truck retired from Ameren Missouri's fleet.

Ameren Missouri Resource Management secured the donation of the used pickup as part of its on-going support of WBS .

“This vehicle will help us with performing the nest box studies, since in many places the 4-wheel drive will assist our bird banding team in safely getting to the boxes, which in many cases are in rural areas and across rough terrain," says Walt Crawford, executive director of WBS.  "The truck will also help us safely move around the property of our headquarters, especially in winter.  The road from our public area to our behind-the-scenes area, which is used by staff, interns and volunteers on a very regular basis is challenging in bad weather, to say the least."

Submitted by Catherine Redfern, World Bird Sanctuary Naturalist/Fundraiser

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