Thursday, February 16, 2012

Barred Owls Don't Listen....

2011 was one of the Kathryn G. Favre Wildlife Hospital's busiest years. 
A baby Barred Owl being treated in our Wildlife Hospital for a broken leg 
We received 379 birds and one snapping turtle.  101 Barred Owls must be a new record – but I'm still checking our books!

Most of these birds are collision victims – many people say, "The owl hit my car."  I often wonder…if a human was struck by a car, would we say, "That person hit my car?"  It has always seemed strange when I hear that, but I am so pleased that these people take the time and effort to catch these birds and bring them to our hospital rather than abandoning them on the side of the road.
A Barred Owl in one of our flight mews being conditioned to fly again 
Collisions are accidents and people should not feel at fault.  What we all can do is slow down a little when we are in dense wooded areas and near rivers – the perfect habitat for these birds.  These are areas where animals get very active around dawn and dusk.
 A Barred Owl ready for release
I will also continue to tell the owls to stop hitting our cars….but don't count on them paying any attention to me when I release them!

Submitted by Joe Hoffmann.

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