Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Join Us For A Sing-a-long

Learning CAN be fun with World Bird Sanctuary’s Sing-a-Long Programs!
 Children are invited to sing along with a live band member
Are you looking for a new and entertaining way to teach children about the environment?  Something that will hold their attention AND teach them about the creatures that share our planet?  Have you considered a Sing-a-Long  Program?

The World Bird Sanctuary’s in-house band The Raptor Project has released two popular environmental education children’s music CD’s.  Save the Futurefeatures songs about birds that share our sanctuary with us, and includes favorites like Turkey Named Fred, The Vulture Song, The Owl Song, Hawk of the Highway and Wonderful Birds.

The new CD, “All Along the Watershedexplores wider environmental themes with songs about watersheds and the importance of water in our everyday lives.  These important topics are covered in an entertaining way through songs like Clean Water, Mr. Frog Blues, White Pelican, Birds in my Backyard, Animal Noises and What’s the Matter.
 Educational facts are presented in a unique and entertaining way
These themes are explored in a unique sing-a-long program where children can sing along to the songs performed live by a band member, interspersed with more information about the animals in the songs.  This program uses live animals to help interpret the messages in the song, and includes your choice of “Save the Future” or “All Along the Watershed” CD.

Call our Education Department at 636-225-4390 ext. 0 to book your Sing-a-Long program today! 

You can sample songs from each CD here:

If you are interested in purchasing either of the CD’s, you can do so here .  100% of the proceeds of Raptor Project CD sales go directly towards the care and treatment of birds admitted to our wildlife hospital.

Submitted by Joe Hoffmann, Sanctuary Manager

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Joe Cox said...

Brother Joe,
Looking great, haven't changed a bit, well....quite a bit more grey!! :-P Miss doing programs with you!!

Wish you could come visit our 3000 acre sanctuary in Montana. Several golden and spotted eagle residents here, along with the magpies & grouse, & pheasants. The buffalo and mustangs say hello as well. Tell Walter and Jeff hello for me.