Thursday, August 2, 2012

Got Junk?

Most recycling stations, curbside recycling or single-stream recycling will only accept certain items and will not accept many others.  This can make recycling some items a bit challenging.

Do you know where to recycle an old television or computer? How about an old appliance, outdated prescriptions, leftover paint or hazardous waste?  Now, there’s a website for that! The website is a recycling location search engine.  It asks you what item you want to recycle, then helps you find the nearest location to your zip code that will accept the item.

It is easy to use and very helpful for finding a location that will take items often tossed in the trash, such as: compact fluorescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, aerosol cans, pesticides, carpet, metal hangers, packing materials, soil, antifreeze, batteries, automotive parts, brake and transmission fluid, used motor oil, used tires, CD’s, #6 plastic (polystyrene) and plastic shopping bags.

There are several recycling stations in our area that accept the above items.  I encourage you to visit and find out where you can reduce, reuse and recycle your unwanted items today.  Please help keep these items out of  our overfull landfills, and out of the water table. 

Submitted by Billie Baumann, World Bird Sanctuary Outreach Coordinator.

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