Sunday, September 9, 2012

Buy a Brick In Time for Open House

Have you been meaning to purchase a WBS engraved brick to honor someone special, but just have not gotten around to it?

If so, now is your chance to purchase that brick and see it installed just before our upcoming Open House on October 20 & 21.  All engraved bricks will be installed on the steps, landings, and seating areas of our amphitheater.  The available spaces on our steps are nearly completed.  These premium spaces are the ones that everyone sees when entering our amphitheater.

Don’t delay--final orders must be in by September 26 in time for us to submit the order, have the bricks engraved and shipped, and then have them installed. 

After this Fall installation we will not be ordering and installing the next batch of bricks until our Spring installation in March.

So to honor that special someone, memorialize a loved one who has passed on, remember a faithful companion, or just give an inspiring message to all who see your brick, be sure to order before 9/26.

To purchase your brick Click here for the ordering page on our website, or if you prefer to pay by check call 636-225-4390, XT 0 and tell the person answering that you want to order a brick.

Then come visit your brick on Open House weekend—or at any other time if you can’t make it to Open House.

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