Monday, November 12, 2012

Snakes Alive!

As our name implies, World Bird Sanctuary is commonly associated with the primary topic of most of our educational program--birds--more specifically, birds of prey.  But at WBS we seek to conserve and educate about a multitude of different bird and animal species, not just birds of prey.
To highlight just one specific topic, we offer a great program about reptiles called “Reptales”.  In this interactive program we present live snakes, lizards, a raptor and a tortoise.   One of our Naturalists will explain the benefits that reptiles offer to our ecosystem.  They will speak about several of the misconceptions about snakes.  Most of us have grown up with these common misconceptions and have passed them along to each generation.
You will learn about each of the special guests’ natural histories, fascinating facts, and what makes them so unique.  This program is best suited for grades 3 and up, and for groups no larger than 150.  There will be an opportunity for those that wish to touch a live snake.
If you are interested in scheduling one of our programs--either at our facility or yours-- please call our Education Department at 636-225-4390, ext. 0, and ask to speak with one of our Schedulers.

For a list of available programs and other resources, visit our home web page at and click on the “Enviro-Education Programs” tab.  There you will find program descriptions, age recommendations and more.  Be sure to check out “Field Trips” for programs that can be held on our site as well.

WBS’s environmental educational programs are developed in accordance with the State of Missouri’s Show-Me Standards for Education in life science.

Submitted by Billie Baumann, World Bird Sanctuary Outreach Coordinator

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