Friday, December 14, 2012

365 Project Reviewed

As 2012 is slowly coming to an end I have started looking back on the hundreds of photos I have taken this year during this amazing process. 
This became a very familiar pose during the past year
I have enjoyed the 365 Project as it forces you out and about to try to get those interesting photos and experience new things.  I am considering continuing to do this project, since it is a lot of fun.

As I browse through the hundreds of photos I have taken this year I am reminded of the happy moments, sad moments, amazing colors, lack of color and also just what a fun year of photography it was.  Here are a few of my favorite photos that did not make it into previous blogs, but are just fun.
Everything looks like a perch to Minerva
The first photo was not taken by me but by Billie Baumann, WBS Outreach Coordinator.  This is a photo of Minerva, the young Barn Owl, and me.  Minerva, as a baby, was allowed to wander around as part of her socialization process.  She hopped onto my foot for a moment and then we had a quick photo op.  Moments later she was put back on the floor, but it was just fun and her sideways head (turned sideways by her, to listen better) is classic Minerva.
Jersey - sun bathing
The second photo is of Jersey, the Barred Owl.  One winter day I walked out into the weathering area to see her with her face looking straight into the sky with her eyes closed.  Barred Owls are known to do this, as a form of sunning themselves to get the warmth and help her body produce vitamins.
Simon makes his own portholes
My last photo for this blog is of Simon, my African Grey Parrot.  Simon is given a lot of time out of his cage when I am home, but when I am gone he stays safely in his cage.  I have an old blanket that goes over part of the cage to give him a place to hide during the day, for nighttime safety, and to protect him from drafts.  However, over the last few years someone (Simon) has put some holes in the blanket.  One day I made a tent over the top of his cage.  Simon came over and stuck his head through one of the holes and needless to say lots of laughing was involved.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this year-long project as much as I have.

Submitted by Cathy Spahn, World Bird Sanctuary Naturalist

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