Thursday, January 17, 2013

Now Is The Time!

Now is the time to place your order for an engraved brick.
Available spaces on the entry stairs are almost filled
If you’ve been meaning to order one of our inscribed bricks to be installed in the WBS amphitheater—don’t delay any longer.  The deadline for ordering this batch of bricks is February 4th so that we will receive them in time to be installed before World Eagle Day,  which takes place on the fourth Sunday in March.
Your brick could still be installed on the stairs leading down to the amphitheater
Admittedly, the large majority of the bricks already installed are “in memoriam” bricks for friends or loved ones who have passed on.  However, as one walks down the stairs to our amphitheater it is interesting to read the bricks and to see the other occasions celebrated by our supporters….Valentine messages, anniversaries, birthdays, a memorial for a beloved pet,  birth of a new baby, to honor someone you love or admire, to celebrate a wedding, a scout troop celebrating completion of a badge or project, parents celebrating a milestone in their child’s life, or (and this is a very broad category) “just because”.
Soon we will be starting on the amphitheater landings and seating areas
So—if you would like to have your brick included in this next installation, be sure to place your order before February 4th. 

To order your brick Click Here

If you prefer to order and pay by check, call 636-225-4390, XT. 0 and tell the Naturalist who answers that you would like to buy a brick.  Inscriptions are limited to 21 characters per line (including spaces and punctuation) and 3 lines of text for a 4” X 8” brick, or 21 characters per line and 6 lines of text for an 8” X 8” brick.
Sample of a donor certificate to be mailed to the brick recipient or their family
In addition to the text, other options that may be included for an additional fee are symbols which may be chosen from a large list of stock symbols, and/or a Donor Certificate which can be mailed to the honoree or their family.

Submitted by Gay Schroer, World Bird Sanctuary Volunteer/Photographer

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