Thursday, February 28, 2013

Free Resources

World Bird Sanctuary’s web page now includes great free resources!

If you haven’t visited our web page recently, check out our new free resources.  We have added two new online games, a free music download, a link to the Peregrine Falcon Nest Camera, bat house plans, and nest box plans.

Test your memory skills while learning about the different kinds of birds.  Every match you find will tell you more facts about your favorite birds.  See how many matches you can find!  You score points for finding all the matches as fast as possible.  How high can you score?

Try to complete each of four different bird puzzles.  Each puzzle is different every time you play.  See if you can complete all four.
 The Raptor Project performs the "Wonderful Birds Song" 
Now available for free download, the song that started it all 20 years ago! “Wonderful Birds Song” has taught bird basics in sing-a-long format and was the first song written by WBS’ Joe Hoffmann for the children’s Sing-a-long program.  The “Wonderful Birds Song” has been heard by thousands of adults and children alike, both live and on the first “The Raptor Project” CD, “Save the Future”.

In partnership with Missouri Department of Conservation and Ameren Missouri, the World Bird Sanctuary is pleased to be able to bring you a live video camera on a Peregrine Falcon nest box. 

The box is located at Ameren Missouri’s Portage de Sioux power plant in St. Charles County, Missouri.  The wild Peregrine Falcon pair was successful last year, raising five youngsters.  Nest box viewing will be made available on our web site once nesting behavior has been observed for the season.  Last year the camera was on from March 12, when the first egg was laid, through June 15, when the last of the five babies fledged.  Of course, the season is subject to several variables such as climate change, and is up to Mother Nature, herself.

Download a free bat house plan.

Erecting a bat house on your property provides a safe roosting area for bats.  This bat house plan was designed by Minnesota DNR Wildlife Manager Earl Johnson, so it’s called the “Johnson” bat house.  You can download this bat house plan and build your own, or you can visit our website for links to information about where to buy one.  Our website has more information about the benefits that bats provide for our environment.  Speaking of bats, here’s a reminder of our special event celebrating the world’s bats, “Baturday,” which is Saturday, April 6,  10-2

Download a free Nest Box plan.

WBS, working in cooperation with Ameren Missouri, has initiated a nest box placement program to insure the survival of many songbird species.  Within the past twenty years the population of songbirds has decreased by 15 to 30 percent, depending on the location. 

The construction and placement of nesting boxes is perhaps the most direct way that individuals and groups can become involved.  This is an especially unique opportunity because it allows private individuals to truly participate in the protection of species, and in some instances, in the preservation of endangered species.  Conservation is not a philosophy, but a way of life that ensures continued life for songbirds and other species.

We hope that you will enjoy these new free resources.


Submitted by Billie Baumann, World Bird Sanctuary Outreach Coordinator

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