Friday, January 3, 2014

Dawn and Dawn

A Dawn dish detergent bottle walks into a wildlife hospital . . . .

The week following Halloween, I got a rather unusual message through our Facebook page, with an accompanying photo that made me look twice.

Dawn Levinson, of Valley Park, MO, messaged me to tell me that she had a donation for our wildlife hospital.  “Great!” I said.  “Would you like to mail it to us or deliver it?”  Dawn chose personal delivery. 
Staff members Roger Holloway and Joe Hoffmann and volunteer Robert Korb accepting a most unusual donation from Dawn Levinson dressed as a bottle of Dawn detergent

It was Dawn’s intention to use Halloween to raise money for Dawn detergent’s Everyday Wildlife Champions – to support their work helping wildlife rehabilitation centers.  However, Dawn was told that the fund did not accept personal donations – instead, their work was funded by a percentage of Dawn product sales.  They suggested that she make the donation to a local wildlife hospital.

This is how it came to be that a vivacious young lady, dressed as a bottle of Dawn dish detergent, wandered into the World Bird Sanctuary wildlife hospital to present us with donations that she had collected in an actual empty Dawn dish detergent bottle.  Our wildlife hospital is supported entirely by donations – we do not receive any state, federal or local government funding.  If that donation walks through the door in a detergent bottle – we’ll take it!

Thank you Dawn for a unique donation delivery!  It will be used to purchase supplies needed to treat the birds that are admitted to our wildlife hospital.

Submitted by Catherine Redfern, World Bird Sanctuary Development Director

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David said...

That is definitely a creative way to raise money! Way to go Dawn!