Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sacred Heart School Program

Fred Abrolat began volunteering for the World Bird Sanctuary in March of 2010.  On January 31, 2012 Fred shared his love of Eagles with Sacred Heart School in Florissant, Missouri.

Fred, his sister Annamarie and Patriot the Bald Eagle (photo by Mike Zieloski)
Fred chose Sacred Heart because his sister Annamarie Sullivan works there.  Each volunteer is allowed a free World Bird Sanctuary bird program to be presented at the school or group of the volunteers choosing.

Fred's Mom, Mary Abrolat, went to school at Sacred Heart School, Fred's Grandpa and Grandma were married there, and Fred's Aunts and Uncles went to school there.  So you can see that Fred and his family have a long and special history with this school.  Fred wanted to honor his family by bringing a live Bald Eagle to the school.

Fred presenting the program to the kids (photo by Mike Zieloski)
Fred wanted to be the presenter for the program.  So we studied, made notes, and talked over the important points that he was going to cover with the students and teachers.  We all met in the gym.  You can see from the pictures that the children sat on the floor during Fred's presentations. We had 2 sessions for the school children--1st grade thru 8th grade.  Fred did a nice job working with the Bald Eagle and conversing with the

The kids listened with rapt attention (photo by Mike Zieloski) 
As a special added bonus, one of Fred's nephews, Joe Sullivan, was able to attend.  Joe works as a Hockey referee and had the morning free.

Fred, his nephew Joe and Patriot the Bald Eagle
Fred was able to share his passion for Eagles with his family, the family church members, and the students.  It was a great day for Fred and his family.

We are fortunate to have Fred Abrolat helping as a World Bird Sanctuary volunteer.
This winter Fred has been helping us with our Eagle displays in the Alton, Illinois area.
We are grateful for Fred's passion for eagles and his eagerness to share his love and skills with the public and eagle watchers.

A big Thank you to Fred Abrolat.

If you would like to learn more about the World Bird Sanctuary’s volunteer program click here  to find out more or to fill out a volunteer application form.

Story and photos by Michael Zeloski,  Naturalist, World Bird Sanctuary

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