Wednesday, April 16, 2014

American Heritage Girls MO 3368 Donate 8 Birdhouses to World Bird Sanctuary

 American Heritage Girls Troop Leader Carla Goad called ahead to make arrangements to deliver the handcrafted Birdhouses.  Carla Informed me that the American Heritage Girls are a Faith Based Scouting Program for Girls.

The girls in Carla's group are 4th - 6th grade, and were working on their "Nature and Wildlife" Badge.  The idea is to help wildlife and donate to a nonprofit organization.    The girls chose World Bird Sanctuary to donate their handcrafted birdhouses.  For many of the girls it was their first time using a hammer!  The girls built wooden birdhouses, assembled with nails.  They delivered the birdhouses in a red wagon.

The proud girl scouts with the birdhouses that they built and donated to World Bird Sanctuary.
    Carla's Group is from St. Charles, Missouri.  We were delighted to receive these lovingly crafted birdhouses to help our birds.  The American Heritage Girls told us we could sell the birdhouses to raise money for our Education Department.  By the time of this Blog, we have already sold half of the birdhouses.  The girls and their leaders and their siblings toured our Nature Center and had a wonderful time learning about our animals and wildlife.

 We are grateful to the American Heritage Girls MO 3368 troop for all of their hard work.  Their efforts help nesting birds and World Bird Sanctuary continue our mission of education.  We took some group photos on stage and Lisbeth Hodges brought out Slayer the Boa Constrictor for the girls to pet and to get a memorable photo.  

Submitted by Michael Zeloski, Director of Education.


Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, American Heritage Girls is NOT Girl Scouts. These are two distinctly different organizations. As reported, AHG is a faith-based program. Well done American Heritage Girls!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the correction to the story!