Monday, May 26, 2014

Chique, a Special Parrot

Chique is a Blue-fronted Amazon, and was given to World Bird Sanctuary by an owner that didn’t have the time for Chique anymore.  This species is also called the Turquoise-fronted Amazon.  

Blue-fronted Amazons are found in northern and eastern Bolivia, northern Argentina, Paraguay and eastern Brazil. They are one the best mimickers, next to the African Gray parrot.  They will live 40-80 years with proper care and diet.  They are the most common parrot kept in captivity.
A wild Blue-fronted Amazon in Brazil.  Photo:
Parrots need exercise, just like humans.  Providing them with chew toys and keeping them challenged by making them think about how to get to their food, instead of just putting their food in a bowl and giving it to them, is a good enrichment.  Creating fun puzzles for them to solve, and rewarding them for it, is great enrichment, too.   As long as you have the time to spend with them, they do make good pets.  Although they are great tempered, having a parrot is a lot of work.  They need lots of attention and care.  It’s a lot like having a child that never grows up, but you can also gain an unbreakable bond.  Parrots are very long lived, and may live longer than you, so you always want to have someone dependable to take care of your parrot in cases like that.
Blue-fronted Amazons are a common sight in Brazil, even in the cities in South America.  Photo:
Blue-fronted Amazons are typically a very well mannered parrot.  Chique is very sweet, but is shy when it comes to new people.  She can say “How are you,” “What are you doing,” “Polly want a cracker,” and my favorite; ”What.”  Chique will say this when you are walking out of the room or when she can hear you, but you’re not paying attention to her.  She loves sunflower seeds and grapes as rewards. She is a quick learner and is very gentle.  She also has been trained to give kisses.
With almost any pet, you may think the animal will be awesome to have, but they take a lot of responsibility.  As you have read, it takes more than just feeding and watering to have any pet.  The next time you think you want a pet, do the proper research to make sure you are capable of meeting all their needs.
A pet Blue-fronted Amazon.  Photo:
Submitted by Christina Rankin, World Bird Sanctuary Naturalist

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