Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Many of us find a special tranquility when communing with nature—whether it be in our back yards, in the woods, by the shore of a lake, or in a nearby park.  Below World Bird Sanctuary friend, Marge Biermann, tells us what she hears when she seeks the peace and quiet of nature.


God speaks to me through each cricket, butterfly and bird,
Absolutely the very best sounds I’ve ever heard.
I listen with my heart….It has a good ear,
Catching every message from these creatures so dear.

The butterfly is quiet and it takes a little while.
Her words have special beauty and a gentle style.
Now that cricket loves the deep dark of night.
It’s then he chirps with all of his small might.

Then there are the birds….Beautiful, feathered creatures.
Where do I start to speak of all their outstanding features.
Each voice so different….from a peep to a hoot,
And each set of feathers a varied style of suit.

Most are early risers, but not our Owl friend.
He’s just beginning as our day starts to end.
Birds usually are first to greet a new season,
And seem always ready to sing without any reason.

They show their young by example how to fly,
And I’m sure they must get sad, but I’ve not seen one cry.
Once a pair of Robins nested in my flowers,
And I watched them tend their eggs for hours.

Three babies were hatched and guarded with care.
To approach the nest you wouldn’t dare.
No matter the danger they stood their ground.
Two better parents were not to be found.

When they all left that nest it was a sad day,
But I learned so much in such a pleasant way.
There are countless lessons out there without end,
Just stop and listen to a little wildlife friend.

The next time you visit the World Bird Sanctuary, take a moment to rest on one of our benches or walk one of our trails.  Who knows what you might hear?

Submitted by World Bird Sanctuary Guest Author, Marge Biermann            

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