Sunday, January 4, 2015

Have Fun!!

Have Fun!

This was a statement made by Walter Crawford, Jr. at the end of a very serious and stressful planning meeting at the World Bird Sanctuary.
Here I am having more fun than a barrel of Lemurs.
You may not automatically think this to be a deep, inspiring, profound statement.  Yet this is a great call to arms for those who feel stressed after a meeting in any field or just by life in general.  Find your joy!  Boldly go!  We all love that kind of philosophical tripe.  I say that kind of stuff to my kids all the time and hopefully I am an example of that theme throughout my life.
If you are not in a place where you are having fun, work to find that place.  Don’t think you have to accept less.  This may take time though.  The place where I have fun is with those who inspire me; my family who’s love strengthens me, the volunteers who share their lives with us, the animals that drive our passion and remind us of things bigger than ourselves.  I have fun with the dedicated employees of the organization with whom I laugh at the absurdities of the world.

Life is messy like fresh fruit sometimes is, but it’s worth taking a big bite of.  So I hope you join us in our plan to seriously have fun saving the world.
Thanks Walt.  It’s been fun!!

Submitted by World Bird Sanctuary’s Sanctuary Manager, Joe Hoffmann

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