Sunday, March 29, 2015

Can You Hear Me Now?

In the course of a year the World Bird Sanctuary presents upwards of 600 outreach programs—a large majority of them presented in school gymnasiums.  We generally talk with groups of school children or scouts, with a group size of up to 250 people.

It is very important for our Naturalists to be able to use hands-free belt pack amplifiers so we’re heard by the children and teachers, especially once one of our trained flying birds glides over the top of the school children and the children get excited.  It is important to be able to use both of our hands to fly the birds.

When handling free-flying birds it is imperative to have your hands free—note the amplifier belt pack worn by the trainer (photo: Gay Schroer) 
Unfortunately, we have literally worn out our last 3 sound systems.  We are in dire need of 3 brand new Waist Band amplifiers—the kind that have the belt to clip to our waists.  If you would like to help World Bird Sanctuary with our Mission of Conservation Education, these amplifies are some of our most immediate needs.

Our worn out microphone systems (photo: Michael Zeloski) 
New sound systems may be obtained for prices ranging from $110 to $250.  Various companies manufacture these amplifiers.  Some of the companies in business now are Chattervox, or Sonivox or Amplivox.  You can peek at the systems on the web to see which sound system you could help us fund.

Please hear my plea.

If you would be willing to help us fund the purchase of new amplifiers for our hands-free audio system please call us at 636-225-4390, X 104 or send your check to World Bird Sanctuary, 125 Bald Eagle Ridge Road, Valley Park, MO 63088.  If you would prefer to donate by credit card or check you can make those arrangements by calling the above number.

Thank you for helping us to fulfill our mission.

Submitted by Michael Zieloski, Director of Education

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