Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Poet’s Corner: Sunshine

World Bird Sanctuary friend and poet Marge Biermann writes about Sunshine, the Short-eared Owl.  We named this bird Sunshine because Short-eared Owls are one of the few diurnal owls.


Need a little Sunshine to light up your day?
You could come and visit him….that’s one way.
This little one of just ounces under a pound,
Comes from Nebraska where he was found.

Hurt in a farm accident with a hay baling thing,
Now can’t ever again use his little right wing.
He will spend his days on the WBS display line,
Where visitors can meet this little ray of “Sunshine”.

Enjoy his beauty and his fierce determined stare
Oh, yes, we do have one secret about him to share.
Since an owl’s gender can be a bit vague,
We’ll just have to let you know if “he” lays an egg!

As with all of our animal residents, Sunshine is available for adoption in our Adopt A Bird program.  Click here if you would like to adopt Sunshine.

Submitted by Marge Biermann, World Bird Sanctuary Guest Author

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