Friday, July 24, 2015


A Bluebird house can provide hours of enjoyment in your backyard.

However, bluebirds can be picky when it comes to settling into a new home.  They can also become victims of predators if their nesting places are easily accessible.  If you wish to hang a new home for the Bluebirds in your yard, here are some helpful tips to successfully attract a Bluebird family.

 A bluebird house at the World Bird Sanctuary (photo: Erica O’Donnell)
Bluebirds enjoy open areas, so choose an area that is at least 200 feet away from heavy woods.  However, 1 or 2 trees located within 50 feet of the Bluebird house will be useful for your Bluebird family.  This will help fledglings go from tree to tree during their first flights.  Try to hang the house near locations where you know Bluebirds enjoy perching.  This includes fence and telephone wires and posts.

Attempt to hang the house on a smooth metal post.  This will keep predators, such as snakes and raccoons from climbing up to invade the Bluebird’s home.  A good rule of thumb is to hang the house 5 to 15 feet up from the ground.  Hang the house so that it is facing an area with short grass that is frequently mowed.  This will help the bluebirds find food around this area, such as crickets and spiders.

If you choose to provide food for your new family, you will want to consider a few options.  Bluebirds are capable of learning to eat from feeders, but prefer mealworms and berries to traditional bird seed.  Mealworms can be obtained through pet stores, bait shops, and feed stores.

Hanging a Bluebird house can be a fun and educating experience.  Watching a new family settle and grow in your own yard can provide more entertainment than any piece of digital equipment. Enjoy your new friends!

Submitted by Erica O’Donnell, World Bird Sanctuary Education Coordinator

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