Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Day At The Hospital - Part 3

The Explanation...

In our last hospital installment you saw our young intern being handed a hawk to hold for medical treatment.  However, being handed an already restrained raptor, and catching one up yourself, are two different things.  Let's take a peek at the training involved in teaching a new intern or volunteer how to catch up and handle a less than willing patient.

Here you see an experienced staff member explaining in detail each step of the process to our intern.  Our staff member goes over each and every move in minute detail, explaining why it is done that way and what reaction she might expect from the bird. 

Once our staff member is certain that the student understands the process, she enlists the aid
 of our long suffering demonstration hawk.  The
details she had previously explained are demonstrated again, using our life size stand-in.

Check back for our next installment to see our young intern's progress.

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