Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Remember A Loved One!

The World Bird Sanctuary is excited to announce the beginning of our new Buy A Brick fundraiser!!

The goal of this program is two-fold.  We would like to replace the rock strata in our amphitheater seating area and stairs with a more permanent brick surface.  The brick surface  would be more comfortable for audience seating, and less labor intensive to maintain.  The current loose rock strata is a constant maintenance problem.  Your purchase of one of our engraved bricks would allow us to fund this very expensive project, and at the same time it would provide our friends and supporters with a new and lasting way to recognize loved ones or commemorate special occasions.  

Engraved on your custom brick could be:

* Your family name
* Your children's names
* Your company or organization's name
* Commemoration of a special occasion
* A memoriam for a loved one
* An inspirational message for our organization

The possibilities are limitless.  For more information about this exciting new fundraiser, click on the Buy A Brick link in the right-hand sidebar.  When you get to our website wait for the rolling photo that says "Buy A Brick" and click on it.  It will take you to the page with all the details.

Any funds raised over and above the cost of paving the amphitheater would be used to cover the usual (and sometimes unusual) expenses of operating a facility such as ours, such as care and feeding of the birds, maintenance of our site facilities, rescue operations, etc.

Thanks for considering one of our bricks to honor someone special.  We hope to see your personalized brick in our amphitheater soon.

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