Monday, November 16, 2009

The Alaska Experience

Alaska is truly a land of unspoiled beauty.

On a recent trip to Alaska with the World Bird Sanctuary's Alaska Cruise group we were awe-struck by the incredible scenery and abundant wildlife in this vast state.

For a photographer this trip is mind boggling!  Scenery to the left (port)!  Scenery to the right (starboard)!  Why did we even bother to get a stateroom?  Most of our time was spent on deck for fear that we might miss something!

Entering Glacier Bay brought passengers racing to the top deck to view the entrance to this magnificent spectacle.

We soon encountered bits and pieces of ice that had broken off from the glacier (bergy bits).  It was just amazing to be standing on the upper deck of the ship and hear a huge "crack", and then another and another and suddenly see part of the glacier break away and slide into the sea (calving).

And then, of course, there's the startling blue color of the ice!  I had always thought the "blue ice" photos I'd seen in magazines were color enhanced.  It turns out the ice really is that blue!

With all that ice it seemed truly strange to find patches of greenery and fireweed growing right next to the ice fields!  The fireweed on this trip was in full bloom and growing everywhere.  If you love to photograph plants and flowers--or even if you just like to enjoy them without the camera--this is a trip you shouldn't miss.  But that's the subject for another post.

The World Bird Sanctuary doesn't currently have another trip planned--yet.  But we'll let you know when one comes up.  It's a trip you shouldn't miss.

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