Monday, November 29, 2010

Family members help World Bird Sanctuary

Thank goodness for family!

My Mom has lent the World Bird Sanctuary her weed whacker for the past year.
 Staff member, Mike Zieloski, making good use of his mom's weed whacker
 The weed whacker has been used to trim the area around the Visitor's Center, bird weathering area and parking circle.  The good thing about this weed whacker is that it is not too powerful.  That's right, minimum power.  Less power to throw rocks with the rapidly spinning weed string.  Part of the area that I have to trim is near the WBS vans or the employee cars.  So it is nice that I do not have to worry about a rock going through a windshield.  Like the time I used the mower near the WBS Flagpole.  A rock shot out from under the mower and hit John Kinsey's windshield.  About $300 dollars, and an inconvienence to our volunteer, John.  I felt awful.  But John never complained.  John had his windshield replaced.  I paid.  I don't use the lawn mower anymore.
My Mom also donated the flag for the WBS flagpole.  The Sanctuary's flag was worn out.  My Mom had an extra flag and willingly donated it to WBS.  Jaimie Sansoucie, one of our new reliable volunteers replaced our old flag with the new one from my Mom.  We treated the old flag with respect.

Side note about Flags: How do you respectfully retire an old flag?  The first three places I called would not accept old flags.  But the Firehouse over on Olive Street Road does still accept flags.  The person at the Firehouse told me that there is a woman who respectfully salvages the useable stars from the flag.  She makes a nice display and then sends the individual stars to our troops serving overseas.  The stars have been very well received.  What other ways are there to respectfully retire an old flag in the St. Louis area?

My Dad was in the Navy and proudly flew a flag at our house for years and years.  What do I do with our next flag that wears out?  Let me know and perhaps I will be able to mention some ideas in a future blog.

These are just two ways a family member has assisted the World Bird Sanctuary without giving cash.  Many other WBS family members have contributed items to World Bird Sanctuary.  Stephenson Roofing donated the supplies and labor for our Picnic pavillion roof.  There is a man coming next week to fix our carpet.  Sometimes cash is tight but people are more than willing to donate services, or materials for which they no longer have a use. 

Can you think of some way you could help us out?  Is there a way you could help us out by offering your services or excess materials?   Do you have an idea?  We probably could use your help, but just don’t know what services or materials are available.  Call us at 636-225-4390 with your idea

Thanks for giving.  That is how we improve and how we are able to be fiscally responsible.  Right now we need a Cargo van to transport our birds to schools for programs.  If you think you can help us out in this area please give us a call.  All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Submitted by Michael Zieloski, World Bird Sanctuary Naturalist


Lemayrenee said...

Are mothers not the best! Thanks to Michael's Mom! I take my old flags to my Ace Hardware store on Lemay Ferry Road in Lemay. At the front door they have a specific cardboard box that explains why you should retire your old flag with them by placing the flag in the box. I think they give the old flags to someone,maybe the boy-scouts, who have a proper burning ceremony.
Speaking of American flags. I would like to volunteer to be a committee (of one if necessary) to assure that any and every bird at WBS who has served in the military has a flag at their perch on Veterans Day. I visited this past 11 Nov 10 and Sirrocco, a Disabled American Veteran, did NOT have a flag by his perch. I wonder if there are other birds who have served. If someone can get me a list I will make sure there are flags flying on Veterans Day next year!
Again, hats off to Michael's Mom!

Photog said...

Because Sirrocco and Lightening, both Peregrine Falcons, have worked at Air Force Bases as part of our BASH (Bird Air Strike Hazard) program, they are considered American Veterans. The BASH program is considered by the Air Force to have saved countless lives and millions of dollars in equipment by clearing the airspace around airfields of the birds who get sucked up into jet engines and cause crashes.

Thank you, Lemayrenee, for your kind offer to honor these veterans by placing flags near them in honor of Veterans Day. To work out the details please contact Jeff Meshach, our Assistant Director, at 636-861-3225