Friday, August 30, 2013

CSI Bird Patrol - Chapter 2

Following is Chapter 2 in the saga of the CSI Bird Patrol from the pen of Field Studies Supervisor Neal Cowan.  To see Chapter 1 use the search box at the top left-hand corner of this page and enter CSI.

Chapter 2:

The sunrise was cloaked in grey as the dreary day rolled on.  Agent Baird had been raised from bed far too early this cold morning.  There had been a break-in down on old Jay Bird Street.  Four people were missing.  It didn’t look good.  A member of the notorious Cowbird gang had been picked up on the scene and Blue and Chicka were on their way to headquarters to do a little interrogating.

Corinne Tarin, brains of the Cowbird gang

Corinne Tarin: brains of the Cowbird gang.  She is always looking out for her family.  Her big brother Pryce is the muscle (and the leader if you ask him) of the gang.  He is about as quick as a damp rag and just as clever, but Tarin keeps him out of trouble.  Together you could say they are more of a nuisance then an actual gang.  They run in a diverse group with the Starlings and the Blackbirds, living off the backs of others, and always in trouble.  Tarin keeps a finger on the pulse of the underworld, so on a cloudy day she always has valuable information to trade for the protection of the family.

Tarin sat alone in the poorly lit room.  The cold metal of the table before her offering comfort as the shadows crept from her mind and danced around her at the edge of the light.  Tarin was no stranger to this room.  The interrogation room usually provided Tarin a certain solace, but today was different.  This time she didn’t have the upper hand.  The knowledge in her head could not buy her safety now.  This time it would be her betrayer.  No hope could hold back the fear; the nightmare of the night before.

The shadows cowered into oblivion as Beau entered the room and shut the door.  Taking his seat at the other side of the table, eyes hidden beneath his fedora, he began interrogating: in silence.  His presence alone was enough to ease her spirits.  The other cops treated her like a petty criminal, but Blue, in his own way, treated her like a person.  He could speak a thousand words with his silence.  A half-cocked smile formed on her face as she realized how cute it was that he thought he was such an enigma, but she could see right through him.  It made it that much more unbearable that she was now going to disappoint him.

“I’m sorry.”

An eternity passed after she said those words. Blue just sat there.

“Well…?” fighting the tears forming in her eyes. “Lock me up and throw away the key! That’s it! That’s all there is to it!”



            “I don‘know what you want me to tell you Caroline?  Unless Blue can get somethin’ outa her there ain’ nothin I can do”.  The chief tried to escape to his office but Chicka just followed him right in.

            “Chief, you know there’s no way the Cowbirds are responsible for this!  You saw that place!  What could they possibly have to gain?

“Ugh, listen Chicka, I know it don’ look good.  The whole sitiation stinks like rotten mayo, but there ain’ nothin I can do aboud’it.  That girl was the only one at the scene, her fingerprints are everywhere.  She looks guilty and she won’t say a darn thing to the contrary”.

With a sigh Chicka slumped down into the embrace of the cold hard wooden chair in the corner, much to the Chief’s chagrin.  The otherwise uninviting room wasn’t doing its job; uninviting the bird now planted in the corner.  It would be cozy if the Chief didn’t keep all the window shades shut tight and the thermostat low.  He rounded the big oak desk and planted himself in his chair, letting out a heavy sigh as he brought his weight off his feet.

“Has anyone contacted the husband yet”?

The Chief cracked his neck before giving his reply. “No”.

Chicka just stared.

“He works in the Tech industry.  Was overseas doing work for some big defense contractor, PredGuard?… I think?  I don’know.  He won’t answer his phone and he hasn’t responded to any of our emails yet”... The Chief’s sentence trailed off as his gaze drifted into space.

“What is it Chief”?  Chicka perked up in her seat.

“Now that I think on it, something fishy happened when we first tried to get in touch with our missing husband.  The first call we made was to his cell phone.  No one answers right, but just then this guy calls us.  Some bigwig.  Says he’s the guy’s boss and wants to know if there’s anything he can do.  Sounded alright then, but… How did he know we were lookin?  We didn’t call him…hell we didn’t even know who he was!  How did I not catch that ‘til now”?!

“So who was he”?

“I don’know.  Called himself Rocown?  Ricky Rocown.”

To be continued…

Submitted by Neal Cowan, World Bird Sanctuary Field Studies Supervisor

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