Thursday, August 22, 2013

World Bird Sanctuary honors birdhouse builder with Eagle Release

On Saturday, July 13th, 2013, World Bird Sanctuary honored Bob Seyer with a Bald Eagle Release, for his contribution to conservation and the World Bird Sanctuary’s Kathryn G. Favre Wildlife Hospital.

Since 2011, Mr. Bob Seyer has been building birdhouses and donating them to World Bird Sanctuary’s wildlife hospital for sale, to support the care and treatment of sick and injured wild birds, in the hopes that they may be rehabilitated and returned to the wild.  The birdhouses are built from wood which Mr. Seyer salvages from construction sites that would otherwise be destined for landfill.  He then fashions them into bluebird nest boxes and wren nest boxes.  Over the last three years, Mr. Seyer has donated 4,000 bird houses to World Bird Sanctuary.  These bird houses are sold for $2-$3 each, and have raised approximately $9,000 for the wildlife hospital over the last three years.

 Mr. Bob Seyer gets ready to release the eagle into the wild (Photo by Donna Tucker)
Earlier this year, a bald eagle was admitted to the Kathryn G. Favre Wildlife Hospital at World Bird Sanctuary after injuring its wing when it hit a high tension power line over the Mississippi river.  It was rescued from the water by a passing boat captain and brought to World Bird Sanctuary.  After months of intensive treatment and rehabilitation, it was deemed ready to be returned to the wild in early July.  Joe Hoffmann, Sanctuary Manager at World Bird Sanctuary, asked Mr. Seyer to release the eagle, as a way of honoring his contribution to helping the birds admitted to the wildlife hospital.

Another Bald Eagle flies free. (Photo by Donna Tucker)

On Saturday, July 13th, 2013, at Bee Tree Park in Oakville, Mr. Seyer released the eagle back to the wild – where it flew over the Mississippi before disappearing out of sight.  It was a memorable occasion, and a fitting way to acknowledge the wonderful service that Mr. Seyer is providing to World Bird Sanctuary and the birds in our community.

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