Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lightning....Creature of Speed and Agility

My heart is sad tonight.  This lovely creature of speed and agility passed away November 20.
Photo published by permission of Sandra Lowe
Lightning, an extraordinary Peregrine Falcon, slipped quietly and peacefully away from us on 11/20, having lived a full 22 years.  A Peregrine Falcon's natural life span is only about 12-15 years in the wild, so we were honored to have this lovely gent with us for so long.

A veteran of the United Stated Air Force B.A.S.H. program, he came to live with us when it was time for him to retire.  His duty then became to delight and educate thousands of people in programs or as they visited him at World Bird Sanctuary.  Delight and educate he did.

On this Thanksgiving Day we are thankful to have been honored by this beautiful creature's presence for all these years. Rest in Peace sweet birdy.  We will miss you.

Photo and story submitted by Sandra Lowe, World Bird Sanctuary Volunteer


Falconhead1 said...

So sorry for your loss of such a wonderful bird and ambassador for his species. He lived a good long life.

n. powers said...

very sad, but by living longer he was able to contribute so much more knowledge. Bless him and all that the creatures and workers d at WBS. Thank you, beautiful bird!