Friday, November 8, 2013

WBS Shops With The Saints

I often shop at thrift stores for old board games, and realized that they carry many items that might be able to help us restock the WBS intern and staff housing units.  After talking with Jan Falcon of the St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store we were allowed to go on a shopping spree. 

L to R:  Joe Hoffmann & Sirrocco, Janet Falcon, St. Vincent dePaul Society, Roger Holloway & Liberty

I filled our van and later filled our on-site intern and staff apartments with everything from knives and forks to medicine cabinets--and of course board games.  Many people don’t realize what it takes to run an organization like The World Bird Sanctuary.  We need support of all kinds and everyone can help in their own way.  Please support those who support us.  Some people are Saints! 

The World Bird Sanctuary has always supplied housing to many of our staff and interns.  For many years it was an old farmhouse built in 1850.  We have modernized it and now, in addition, we have many economy apartments throughout our site. 

There are many items within our housing that still needed some updating.  Although we have a wish list of items needed for the birds there are many household items needed by the staff and interns residing at the sanctuary, such as toasters, lamps, couches, etc. 

The St. Vincent De Paul thrift shop nearest to WBS is located in Ballwin at 14660 Manchester Road and they really have been Saints for all of us at the World Bird Sanctuary.

Submitted by Joe Hoffman, Sanctuary Manager for the World Bird Sanctuary

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