Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Return to the Wild" program celebrates wildlife hospital successes!

Sick and injured birds of prey that enter our wildlife hospital at World Bird Sanctuary will often need an area to be released back to the wild, so we have designed a program to make this a unique experience for the general public to enjoy.  The “Return to the Wild” program gives World Bird Sanctuary supporters the opportunity to take part in the release of a bird of prey back to the wild!

Roger Holloway and Joe Hoffmann of World Bird Sanctuary, examine and treat a Bald Eagle with an injured wing.Photo: Sherry Seavers 

 The Kathryn G. Favre Wildlife Hospital at World Bird Sanctuary specializes in the rehabilitation of birds of prey, and also the reintroduction of these birds back to the wild, after their treatment is complete.  The actual return to the wild is where the public can be of great help to our organization and provide a memorable experience for those who witness and take part in the release. 

On the day of the release, a World Bird Sanctuary staff member will bring the bird to the release location, from where donors have the option to release the bird out of their own hands, or by simply opening the travel crate to let the bird fly away in its own time.

A Red-shouldered Hawk is returned to the wild after being successfullytreated in the wildlife hospital.  Photos: World Bird Sanctuary.

This is a memorable way to celebrate a special occasion – birthday, anniversary, wedding, tribute, graduation or memorial, or even just enjoying giving the special bird its second chance at life!

To find out more about our “Return to the Wild” program, you can contact our wildlife hospital staff at 636-861-1392, or click here for more information.

World Bird Sanctuary would like to the thank the skilled veterinarians of St. Louis Hills Veterinary Clinic for volunteering their time and resources to treat the sick and injured birds admitted to our wildlife hospital.

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