Monday, July 21, 2014

Staff Spotlight: Jessica Bunke

The World Bird Sanctuary would not be able to properly care for our birds without the help of our staff and volunteers. They are hardworking, dedicated, and most of all passionate about everything they do.  To show our appreciation, we want to spotlight individuals who make day-to-day work at the World Bird Sanctuary run smoothly.

Originally from Michigan, Jessica earned her degree in Wildlife Management from Lake Superior State University. Jessica initially heard about the World Bird Sanctuary in 2012 thanks to her family that lives in the area. While visiting, her aunt took her to World Bird Sanctuary because she knew Jessica was interested in the hands-on aspect of wildlife as opposed to the research side. Jessica applied for our volunteer program in the fall to gain more experience for her résumé. Six months later, Jessica became a staff member as an ETC (Educational Training Center) Supervisor in our behind the scenes area of the World Bird Sanctuary.

A typical day for Jessica includes food preparation, taking care of the ETC birds, summer maintenance and projects, and Keeper Chats on the weekends. Jessica also helps fly the Bald Eagles daily and she helps to train the eagles as well.

Jessica’s favorite part about working for the World Bird Sanctuary is the interaction she gets with the birds. She loves getting to know the individual birds’ personalities and she says so few places let you do that. Jessica also enjoys working the display line for the Keeper Chats on the weekends.  The display line is part of WBS’s public area.

If she had to pick one, Jessica’s favorite bird is the White-Tailed Sea Eagle, Cousteau. Her favorite part about him is that he is very vocal, and that his personality is all his own.

We at the World Bird Sanctuary are extremely lucky to have staff and volunteers who are devoted to the care of all our birds. Thank you Jessica for everything you do for the World Bird Sanctuary!

Submitted by Mary Beth St. Peters, Fundraising and Social Media and Fundraising Intern

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