Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Volunteer Spotlight: Matt Levin

Matt Levin has one of the most interesting histories with World Bird Sanctuary.

Matt’s Mom, Barb. hired World Bird Sanctuary to present Matt’s 5th BIRDDAY PARTY.  A World Bird Sanctuary BIRDDAY PARTY includes 4 live creatures at your party.  If you are a Reptile lover you can have Reptiles at your party and or birds.  Matt’s party was presented by Naturalist Laura Austen who worked for WBS for many years.

Matt enjoyed his BIRDDAY PARTY so much that he later was seen out in his back yard with a gardening glove mimicking the World Bird Sanctuary Bird Trainers.  It is one of Barb Levin’s favorite stories from Matt’s childhood.

Matt later became a Junior Volunteer at World Bird Sanctuary at the age of 13.  He volunteered multiple days a week in the summer months and could also be counted on to help during all holiday school breaks.

Matt became friends with all the staff.  He is a great guy who works hard from start to finish.  Matt proved so reliable that he eventually helped train the newer volunteers and interns.

During the Summer of 2013 Matt was hired to be a trainer at our Milwaukee County Zoo bird show.  He helped train and fly our birds and present the educational Zoo show.

Matt currently attends Truman State University during the school year.  This year, 2014, Matt is helping at our Grant’s Farm bird show 2 days a week.  He also is working behind the scenes at WBS on the other days of the week.

All of the staff at WBS are fond of Matt and so grateful for all of the time he donates to our organization. The eager five-year-old has grown into a witty, responsible adult.

If you have a youngster who loves animals perhaps a World Bird Sanctuary Birdday Party is just the ticket to inspire him or her.  Call 636-225-4390 extension 101 to book your BIRDDAY PARTY           

Written by Michael Zeloski, Director of Education World Bird Sanctuary.

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