Thursday, October 30, 2014

Winged Messages

Have you ever found yourself having a conversation with your bird friends while watching them go about their business?  Following is another poem by talented guest author Marge Biermann, imagining a conversation one might have with their bird friends.

I talked with my bird friend just the other day.
Oh, it’s not that difficult….we have a way.
He answers my questions with a flip of his wing.
Or now and then he will maybe even sing.

There is always a language between man and beast.
Don’t search for words….they matter the least.
Birds and I manage quite well to commune.
With an owl we always talk in the light of the moon.

I now understand that with a twist of his head,
He’s saying, “I’m sorry, but explain what you just said”.
It’s rather like taking a walk with a friend.
Often it helps your troubled life to mend.

I watch the birds tend their babies with such care.
This parental act of love they’re willing to share.
I always leave them a favorite kind of meal,
Something that has definite “Bird Appeal”.

Then I say “Thank You” with my grateful “Goodbye”,
As I watch my winged friends soar into the sky.
Oh, what a great way to finish my day,
To hear what my bird friends have to say.

Our Creator sends us messages from every direction.
I happen to think birds are his best selection.

So, on your next visit to the World Bird Sanctuary, if you find yourself having a conversation with the birds who visit our feeders, or one of our many exhibit birds, don’t worry—no one will think anything of it.  It’s probably something we have all done at one time or the other.  At WBS it’s not at all unusual to find people talking to the birds….and each person has their own interpretation of the answer they receive in return.

Submitted by Marge Biermann, World Bird Sanctuary Guest Author

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