Monday, October 6, 2014

Year Three; 365 Photo Project- August 2014

This August I had some vacation time with the family and I spent it in Northern Wisconsin at the family cottage. 

Most of the trip was rather quiet since the weather was cloudy and cool.  The temperatures were a nice change from the heat of St. Louis.  Even with the weather the way it was I still managed to get a few very nice photos that I would like to share here. 

My most favorite photo was from a trip to Whitefish Lake in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It is a very nice hike through the woods to the lake.  Birds were rather quiet except for a Barred Owl my Dad called in.  We took lots of photos on the walk, mainly of mushrooms and toads.  Once at the lake I wandered around a little.  I happened to look over and suddenly found this adorable Chipmunk sitting in a cavity of a tree base.  At one point it was almost like he was posing for the photo, so of course I took a few photos of this adorable little guy.

The next two photos I want to share go together; I took these the last morning at the cottage.  It was a very brisk 39 degrees out, so the lake was all foggy.  I walked down to the lower deck and started to take photos of the lake when over towards my cousin’s dock I heard a commotion in the water.  I looked and saw a Bald Eagle fly up from the water and land on the dock with a good size fish.  It sat for a few moments then walked down the dock with the fish clasped in its foot.
I took a ton of photos of the eagle and of course of the beautiful fog.  If you look closely at the photo with the fog on the lake you will see a dot on the dock and that is the eagle.  Of course I have also included a closer photo of the eagle on the dock.

The last photo I would like to include is one that brings up the feeling of complete relaxation.  One day we actually had very nice weather and the temperature actually made it to 84 degrees.  That evening the sunset over the lake was just gorgeous.  I took several shots then backed up and took the sunset with our chairs and tables in the photos and I just get this overall feel of relaxing peace.
I hope everyone enjoys these photos.  It was hard to pick just a few.  I took so many photos that it was hard to choose, but these were a few of my favorites.

Submitted by Cathy Spahn, World Bird Sanctuary Naturalist

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