Monday, December 1, 2014

365 Photo Project-October 2014

October at the World Bird Sanctuary has been a very busy month.  With special events and a busy travel schedule I have not had that many photo opportunities. 

I did however take one morning in between storms to take a leisurely walk on WBS property.  As staff, sometimes we get so focused on the area where we work (such as the Nature Center) that we do not stop and look at the other amazing birds we work with on a daily basis, at least from a photographer’s perspective.  I have to admit it is a very challenging process to pick just a few photos to feature here.
Sole, the Peregrine Falcon (photo: Cathy Spahn)

My first favorite photo is of one of the newest birds on our education team; Solo, the Peregrine Falcon.  Solo is a juvenile Peregrine Falcon whose egg was laid in a nest in Clayton, Missouri.  Before the eggs were hatched the female falcon suffered a severe wing injury and did not survive.  WBS rescued the three eggs and hatched all three in our incubators.  One baby did not survive; one was placed in the nest of another wild falcon pair and was fostered by them.   Unfortunately, Solo was hatched with a few deformities that do not allow him to use his feet properly and his beak is slightly askew; therefore, he has difficulties tearing food.  Because he could not be released he will spend his life as an education bird.  He is a great bird and can teach everyone so much.  On this particular morning when Solo was put outside in the Weathering Area at the Nature Center, he started flapping his wings, and I took the opportunity to get some photos.  I managed to take this photo of him with his wings out.  This photo was my favorite from my morning walk.
Rochester, the Common Buzzard (photo: Cathy Spahn)

The next photo I took a few minutes after photographing Solo is a beautiful photo of Rochester.  Rochester is a Common Buzzard that is in training to join our education team.  Rochester is a sibling to Rodrigo a Common Buzzard that’s in training for the programs WBS presents at Zoos, theme parks and aquariums around the nation.  WBS recently also acquired Rochester’s and Rodrigo’s parents. Their parents are interestingly colored; one light colored bird and one dark, almost charcoal bird.  Rodrigo looks like one of the parents, while Rochester is a very rufous colored bird.  His beautiful color just gets more striking to me by the day.  We are currently training him to fly and he is really becoming an amazing performer.
Tsavo, the Bateleur Eagle (photo: Cathy Spahn)

The last photo I want to include is of Tsavo, the Bateluer Eagle.  The Bateluer Eagle is considered to be one of the most colorful eagles in the world.  This head shot shows off just some of that coloration.  It also captures his personality perfectly.

I find that at times, since I see these birds every day, I sometimes take them for granted.  This kind of walk gives me a chance to step back and appreciate the beauty of the animals that I work with every day.

Submitted by Cathy Spahn, World Bird Sanctuary Naturalist

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