Monday, December 15, 2014


World Bird Sanctuary is proud to present another poem by guest author Marge Biermann posing the question "How did the owl get his hoot?"
Wild Barred Owl (photo: Cathy Spahn)

I didn’t hear my friend, Owl, last night,
Guess he found another tree in which to light.

So many to choose from during his nocturnal cruise,
While other birds are snuggled in their nests having a snooze.

He “Hoots” to the moon and every small star.
His penetrating call is heard near and far….

A solitary voice in the silent night so dark,
I often wonder where he perched on Noah’s Ark.

On the railing, perhaps, overlooking waters deep,
While all the others settled in to find some sleep?

Did he gain his wisdom watching waves lap against the boat….
Is that when the “Hoot” was formed in his throat?

Was it a haunting lullaby Creator used to send his peace,
Assuring his creatures all would pass, the rains would cease?

Maybe Owl is wiser than most….so stoic and calm,
Because long, long ago his voice served as a balm.

To bring serenity and peace to Creator’s traveling ark,
Until it was time for all to disembark.

For a “Job well done” Creator gave Owl his “Hoot”,
Because with his body it just seemed to suit.

And for his patience displayed sitting on that Ark’s rail,
Creator gave him wisdom from his head to his tail!

Submitted by World Bird Sanctuary Guest Author Marge Biermann

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