Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Corvid Intelligence

In past blogs we’ve discussed how intelligent members of the corvid family (crows, ravens and jays) are—crows and ravens in particular.

As more and more studies are conducted with these amazing birds we humans have been astounded to discover just how truly smart these feathered creatures are—even seeming to use logic and reasoning to solve “problems” created to stump them.

Click Here to see one truly astounding demonstration by a wild crow named “007”.

Mischief, a White-naped Raven, has learned to accept donations from WBS guests (photo: Gay Schroer)
The next time you visit the World Bird Sanctuary be sure to spend some time observing some of our Corvids.  You may be amazed to see them creating and solving problems for themselves with some of the “toys” that we supply them for enrichment. 

Most of our naturalists will tell you that they really have to be on their toes to keep one step ahead of our crows and ravens.

Submitted by Gay Schroer, Volunteer/Photographer

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