Thursday, September 10, 2015

Poet’s Corner: Nails

World Bird Sanctuary friend, Marge Biermann gives us another poem that asks us to slow down and enjoy the wonders of nature all around us—even in the oddest places.
Sometimes bird mothers choose to next in the oddest places (photo: Gay Schroer)

“There it was, a sign over the door….blinking,
And while looking at it I began thinking.
“Nails” is what it spelled, but there was an added feature.
Often God’s little birds can be a good teacher.

When I saw the grass and twigs in the crook of the “S”,
I knew a busy mama bird had a new address.
Then I looked at the other letters in the sign “Nails”.
I really saw some options for residential sales.

Perhaps a cozy nest in the “N” or in the angle of the “L”.
You never know what could become a bird hotel,
Or even a cute “A” frame waiting to be filled.
I’m sure a little family of wrens would be thrilled.

Yes, I could fill my time with a more important event,
But this is a moment, I think, well spent.
We live with God’s flying creatures every day,
From the majestic Eagle to the sassy Bluejay.

Birds do us no harm so why not wish them the best,
And look with pleasure on every clever little nest.”

It’s amazing how many times we walk within scant feet of a well hidden nest…after all, birds are clever little creatures.  The next time you step outside your door challenge yourself to count the nests between home and your destination.

Submitted by Marge Biermann, World Bird Sanctuary Guest Author

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