Saturday, July 18, 2009

The New Arrivals!

Remember those barn swallows we showed you about two weeks ago?

The literature says that the longer the male's tail feathers are, the more attractive he is to
 the female.  This guy must have had some pretty good "tail feather appeal".  Look what they did! 

Right now these babies look somewhat like little martians!!

Even though it's hard to believe, this little guy will soon look like his beautiful 

Both parents have been busy feeding this brood of four (there is another one in there, even though you can't see him).  

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Anonymous said...

I love barn swallows. We have a lot of them in Indiana and it is such a joy to see them fly around the houses. It is also fun to watch them build their nests one mouthful at a time.

Thanks for sharing the photos!!