Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Volunteering in the Wildlife Hospital

Volunteering at the World Bird Sanctuary's Wildlife Hospital is a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

How do you see yourself?
A Naturalist? Conservationist? A Birder? A Falconer? Pre Veterinarian? Or maybe just an average Guy or Gal?

Craig Lanham handfeeding a shot Red-tailed Hawk with Sanctuary Manager, Joe Hoffmann.

How do you want others to see you?
Knowledgeable about Birds of Prey? Passionate about living creatures? Compassionate about the Planet?

What inspires you?
Eagle Fishing in a river? The Hoot of an Owl? An Injured Falcon with a broken wing or a very ill Black Crowned Night Heron. What about a Red Tailed Hawk suffering with gunshot wounds by a Poacher. What about seeing these birds released back into the Wild?
The World Bird Sanctuary’s Wildlife Hospital sees roughly 300 injured, orphaned or sick birds of prey a year come through its doors. Some are fortunate enough to respond to treatment and are returned to the wild. They return to their home ranges. They get another chance to be exactly what they are made to be!
Craig Lanham preparing a Great-horned Owl for release.

By becoming a volunteer at the Hospital I get to care for the truly magnificent wonders of the Planet. By being a Volunteer I get to be part of something bigger than us all, the Natural World. By being a volunteer at the Hospital I can become what I aspire to be. You can too.
So….. how do you see yourself?

Click here to find out more about volunteering at World Bird Sanctuary.

Submitted by Craig Lanham, Volunteer, World Bird Sanctuary Wildlife Hospital

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