Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Your Vulture Photos - from International Vulture Awareness Day!

Saturday, September 5th, was International Vulture Awareness Day. We asked our readers to send up pictures they have of vultures that they have seen in the area, or on their travels.

We received this post and photo from Lori, who wrote:
"I am a rural mail carrier in Willmar, Mn. I saw this vulture on the side of the road and no idea what it was until I looked it up. I had never seen one before.
Nice blog that you have!"

Thanks Lori!

Turkey Vultures eat carrion - or dead animals, so they are regularly seen on the side of the road taking advantage of road kill. It is also the reason why many of them are admitted to our wildlife hospital. They are so busy eating that they don't hear or see the cars, and they sustain wing and leg injuries from collisions with vehicles.

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