Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet Anna!

Anna's Story

Anna is a female Green Tree Python (morelia viridus) who can be found residing in the World Bird Sanctuary's Nature Center when she is not traveling to schools and other venues to educate the public about the loss of habitat that has put her species on the "near threatened" list.

Anna came to us from a reptile farm in Florida in 2002.  She is easily the most popular snake in our Education Department, both for her serene beauty and her easy-going personality.  The children love her, and frequently request her for their Birdday Party.

Unlike the other reptiles in our Nature Center, when we use Anna in a program we do not usually uncoil her and display her full length.  Green Tree Pythons are arboreal snakes, which means they spend most of their life coiled high in a tree in the jungle.  Their beautiful green coloration is perfect camouflage as they patiently wait to pounce on an unsuspecting tree dwelling rodent or bird.  When you see her in the Nature Center she will almost always be coiled around the branch in her enclosure.  Therefore, we normally display her by removing the entire branch from her enclosure.  She is quite comfortable being carried around on her "special" branch while being admired by audience members.

Anna is just one of the animals at WBS that can be “adopted”. To adopt Anna, just click here, make a donation of $50.00, and specify in your payment notes “Adopt-A-Snake: Anna”.
Every donation helps to feed, house, and provide medical care for the animal of your choice! 

Adopt-A-Bird Parents receive:
*         A personal visit with the animal you adopt!!!!! Call ahead to schedule a time for your personal visit.
*         Certificate of Adoption
*         Color photo of the animal you've adopted
*         Sponsorship Card
*         One year's subscription to Mews News
*         Life History and Natural History of the animal
*         10% Discount off WBS merchandise
*         Invitation to Sponsors-only events like Camera Day
*         Discounts on WBS Special Events
  *       WBS Decal

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