Saturday, March 3, 2012

Volunteers From A.O. Inc. Help WBS

Twice a month Sarah Davis, the TBI Program Manager/Job Developer for A.O. Inc Employment Services, and her clients volunteer at the World Bird Sanctuary Monsanto Fund Environmental Education Center.

Sarah usually brings a couple of her clients to improve their skills as part of their rehabilitation program.  Sarah from A.O. Inc assists people with brain injuries.  She helps them by exposing them to nature and birds of prey at World Bird Sanctuary.  Her clients sustained their brain injuries in a variety of ways, but the people she is working with are recovering and want to be put to work. 

The pictures of Sarah Davis were taken in October when Sarah was helping fill our many bird feeders while a couple of her clients were sweeping or vacuuming the Nature Center and amphitheater for WBS.  Sarah and her clients have helped to improve our site for the many guests and wildlife that access the feeders and buildings every day. 

Sarah and her clients helped us spruce up the site for Open House in October, 2011.  One of her clients, a person with no legs, helped us rearrange seating for Open House by moving benches, exhibits, and chairs.  This client/volunteer even carried a bench down the stairs.  He was so gung ho that he wouldn’t even let me help him.  He proved that his handicap could not keep him from making a difference.  He and Sarah also told me that he is a Water Ski instructor for others with injuries.  Impressive!

We cannot thank Sarah Davis and A.O.,Inc and their clients enough for improving our site for our guests.  Sarah’s clients gave something back by volunteering.  I hope each one of them finds something that challenges them in a good way and provides them with prospects for gainful employment in the future.

If you would like to contact Sarah Davis she can be reached at 314-835-0226 or email her at

Submitted by Michael Zeloski, World Bird Sanctuary Environmental Education Center Manager 

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