Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wren Nest Boxes Available

WBS now has Wren Nest Boxes for sale – made from 'upcycled' materials

Robert Seyer has a unique retirement hobby.  He makes Wren Nest Boxes.  Lots of them!

On Saturday, March 4th, Mr. Seyer donated over 1,500 wren nest boxes to World Bird Sanctuary. Proceeds from the sale of the nest boxes will go directly towards helping the birds we rehabilitate at the Kathryn G. Favre Wildlife Hospital at World Bird Sanctuary.

Mr. Seyer started this project to help the Girl Scouts, and it grew from there.  Using materials that would otherwise find their way to the landfill, Mr. Seyer churns out the nest boxes in an effort to stay sane!  "It keeps me out of trouble," he said. 

Combing construction sites for offcuts of lumber or plywood that would otherwise be thrown away, he takes them (with the site foreman's permission, of course) and turns them into prospective bird homes.  He will also use entertainment centers that have been discarded on sidewalks near people's homes, or just about any other source of safe wood that would otherwise be discarded.

You can buy one of these nest boxes at World Bird Sanctuary for a minimum donation of $2.  But hurry!  Nesting season starts soon!

Submitted by Joe Hoffmann, World Bird Sanctuary’s Sanctuary Manager 

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