Monday, April 30, 2012

International Migratory Bird Day

Don't forget International Migratory Bird Day
Join the worldwide celebration of birds! 
 Learn all about bird banding from members of our Field Studies Banding Team
Be part of the worldwide celebration of migratory birds at World Bird Sanctuary's International Migratory Bird Day.  Learn about why it is important to protect migratory birds and their migration flyways:
·       Fun, free children's activities with prizes!
·       Meet naturalists at our bird feeding stations to learn bird watching and identification tips from the experts!   
·       Bird-banding demonstrations - take a tour to watch our field studies crew catch, band and release migrating birds (small fee for transport to the site)!
·       Keeper talks about the migratory species that call World Bird Sanctuary home.

·       Date: Saturday 5 May
·       Time: 8am - 1pm

Admission and parking:  Free!

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