Friday, April 20, 2012

World Eagle Day A Resounding Success

As World Eagle Day dawned on March 18th an early morning rain caused some anxiety among those who had worked so hard to produce this yearly event.

Thankfully, the clouds parted and the sun shone down upon us, warming things up to a balmy 82 degrees.  For World Bird Sanctuary, that’s the perfect scenario for a successful event – and that is exactly what we had!
The sound of clicking shutters was heard all day (Photo by Sandra Lowe Murray)
There were record crowds throughout the day, and our first three shows were so full that there was standing room only.  It’s not every day that you can see a bald eagle fly across a stage to land on a trainer’s glove.  What a sight!  Lewis, the Bald Eagle, did a fantastic job of flying.  Thanks to Lewis, and to Trina Whitener’s lively and educational “Eagles of the World” presentations, the eagle programs received rave reviews from the audiences.
A young guest having his face painted  (Photo by Sandra Lowe Murray)
The youngsters enjoyed the day by attending the presentations, making eagle face masks at our craft table, trying their hands at our “Feed the Eagle” game, having their faces painted, building an eagle nest and checking out our Reading Room Library.
How often does a youngster get to build an eagle nest?  (Photo by Sandra Lowe Murray)
With the record crowds, our sales table and CafĂ© stayed very busy.  Our photo opportunity with Patriot, the Bald Eagle, was a huge hit and kept our photographer Gay Schroer snapping photos continuously throughout the day.
The line for the eagle photo op never stopped (Photo by Sandra Lowe Murray)  
All in all, World Eagle Day had its most successful year ever, thanks to our faithful volunteers and staff—but most of all, to every one of our loyal supporters who came out and participated.  We couldn’t do it without you!
Guests enjoying our new and improved exhibit line path (Photo by Sandra Lowe Murray)
We are looking forward to a busy summer season filled with more exciting events.
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Submitted by Billie Baumann, World Bird Sanctuary Outreach Coordinator

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