Saturday, June 23, 2012

Goodbye, A Special Turkey Named Fred

Fred the Turkey began his life at WBS as an egg.  Before he had even hatched he was under the watchful and tender care of his keeper, Joe Hoffmann.  Once hatched, Joe and his family raised Fred in their own home as a member of the family.  When Fred was old enough he came to live at World Bird Sanctuary, and was immortalized in the song that Joe wrote for him, "Turkey Named Fred."

Fred, the Turkey, displaying his fine feathers.

Fred had developed a loyal following, with many of his supporters coming to WBS just to visit him.

Sadly, last week Fred passed away peacefully from old age.  He was almost 7 years old. 

Please join us in remembering Fred, and the joy he brought to all of us, with his own special animated music video!

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