Friday, June 1, 2012

They Did It Again!

The St. Charles County Great Horned Owls did it again.  The Great Horned Owl nest that I watched diligently at this time last year has produced two more youngsters.

On March 27 I found Mamma Owl still sitting vigilantly on her treetop nest   This nest sits securely in the top of an 80-100 foot White Pine where the top had been broken out of the tree, creating a nice “bowl” for the nest. 

Four days later I again visited the nest to find two curious young owlets peering out at the world.  Unfortunately for me the tree had sprouted a new branch that protruded right in front of the nest.  The only way I could get photos was to wait for the few seconds when the wind blew the branch to the side. 

Because of other time constraints I was not able to watch the nest on a daily basis as I did last year.  However, from the few visits I was able to make it appears there are now two more Great Horned Owls patrolling the skies of St. Charles County.

Submitted by Gay Schroer, World Bird Sanctuary Volunteer/Photographer

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