Thursday, June 21, 2012

Return to the Wild "Blowout Sale"

Spring has been a busy season for World Bird Sanctuary's wildlife hospital.  We currently have 8 American Kestrels and 3 Cooper's Hawks that will be ready for release in the next 2-4 weeks.

World Bird Sanctuary Manager, Joe Hoffmann, with baby
hawks admitted to the Wildlife Hospital

This is the perfect opportunity to help wildlife - sponsor the release of an American Kestrel or Cooper's Hawk for the low, low price of just $150!

For this low price, you get all this:
  • Help sponsor the care and feeding of the bird that you will release back to the wild!
  • Help our wildlife hospital continue to do their important wildlife rehabilitation work.  Our wildlife hospital survives on the donations from members of the public, like you!
  • A warm fuzzy feeling, knowing you'll help future wildlife hospital patients survive!
But that's not all!  With each Return to the Wild Release booked before July 15th, we'll include a Kestrel Nest Box or Wren Nest Box FREE!

Order now by calling 636-225-4390 ext. 102 or emailing while stocks last!

Submitted by Catherine Redfern, Naturalist/Fundraiser

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